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The Photo Gallery.
Curator Lou Bucceri welcomes museum visitors dressed as storekeeper Heman Allen, whose brother, Ethan Allen, led the capture of Fort Ticonderoga.
Toy muskets (left) give an air of reality to kids' dress-ups. Exhibit case at right contains examples of military miniatures.

Above, an authentic musket and powder horn.

American Revolution dress-up uniforms await young museum visitors.
Left, iron cannonballs, and the raw ingredients used to make iron.
Museum exhibition cases contain numerous miniature dioramas and small objects viewed through round peepholes.

The table in foreground is used for children's activities.

Curator checks the exhibit of the local doctor who oversaw the production of cannons during the Revolution.

The water tank at the curator's knees contains a live display of real leeches used for medicinal purposes in the 18th century.

Cannon-making is explained in this series of exhibits and videos, including (at bottom) samples of iron ore, limestone and charcoal; a working bellows; and real cannonballs set in a box of sand so visitors may personally handle them and feel their texture and weight.